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Web Agency specialized in advising web, planning and realization sites

Wide and integrated skills are required to plan targetd web marketing actions. These skills range from marketing and communication basics to a deep acquaintance of the web and of its users.

In the proposal of complete solutions , IBOL takes care of the first approach with the company, listen to and understanding of its requirements, the ability of transfering clear messages on the shown solutions.

The IBOL staff operates in the supplying of the following services:

  • Market researches on Internet;
  • Stimulation of the target consumers toward the products/services of the companies;
  • Planning of efficient on-line customer cares;
  • Managment and advising about on-line advertising;
  • Analysis of the generated web traffic;
  • Use of on-line marketing techniques;
  • Development of crosspromotion marketing campaigns;
  • Formation about internet company communication.

IBOL has the right know-how to project on-line advertising campaigns , devised and realised following the targets of the web site to promote. During the period of the campagins, furthermore, the achieved results are constantly monitored to eventually correct the planning and the choice of the banners used.

IBOL experience allows the realisation of the creative part of the project. A team of professionals devises and develops the banner graphic, peculiar activity to achieve the success of a web advertising campaign.